"Jason, although I was disappointed that the seat for my 94 Sedan Deville was not useable, I am glad to know that your company has the integrity to have let me know and your customer service was awesome as far as taking my details and agreeing to search for another seat that will work for my application. I look forward to your call on Monday in hope that you can locate another suitable seat. All the best...Bill Phillips Land O Lakes"

- Bill Phillips Land O Lakes
Bill Phillips Jr.

"Just wanted to thank you and the guys at Langston's for the help you gave me with my wife's Honda. The distributor ended up not being the problem - when we replaced the ECU everything cleared right up. The car is running like new - even though I did not use the distributor I am just going to keep it incase I need it later. I was very impressed with the service I received from your shop and will continue to use Langston in the future. Thanks again!!"

- Implementation Services Kforce Professional Staffing
Michael G. Crowley Sr. - Manager

"Dear Mr. Langston,

The thought of having someone other than “authorized” BMW service was a great concern to me... especially a job of the magnitude of an engine and transmission swap. But my worries were misplaced because your assurances of quality and professionalism were exactly what you provided. I couldn’t be more pleased with my “new” car. Congratulations must also be given to Mike and Tony at Tedesco Cars. They are a quality addition to your list of contractors. Another “thanks” to Mr. Gordon Marks of “Marks Air” for recommending your company. Thanks again for a job well done."

- Accident Reconstructions B. Edward Lane, MSE
B. Edward Lane - Professor of Physics